2022 Meetings Archive

Duke Energy Rates Deep Dive

November Meeting Join us on November 15 for a virtual meeting with a deep dive into Duke Energy Rates from an energy engineers perspective. Being able to correctly apply applicable electricity costs to energy conservation measures (ECMs) is critical in accurately estimating annual cost savings. For an energy engineer to […]

Electric Vehicle Charging (Oct 25th at 5pm)

October Meeting Let’s discuss the latest on Electric Vehicle Charging on October 25th with Oscar Llama, PE, CEM Oscar Llama is a Business Developer with the eMobility team at Schneider Electric. He has assisted clients in all phases of EV Charging Infrastructure planning, from strategy, cost modeling, and financing, to […]

Nuclear Reactor Tour at NCSU (Sept 16th at 2pm)

September Meeting Join us on September 16th with Dr. Fleming for a tour of NCSU PULSTAR reactor Nuclear energy is carbon-free and dispatchable. Unlike traditional solar and wind energy, it is reliable and runs at all times. Right now, 93 nuclear reactors provide about 20% of the U.S. electricity portfolio, but […]

Renewable Natural Gas (August 23, 2022)

August Meeting Join us on August 23rd with Gus Simmons of Cavanaugh for a meeting on renewable natural gas and bioenergy In our evolving world, we are continuing to seek out alternative and renewable sources of energy to meet the demands of everyday life. Please join us for pizza and […]

NCSU Centennial Campus Cogeneration Tour

May Meeting Join us on May 24th  @ 5:00PM for a tour of the North Carolina State University Centennial Campus Cogeneration Plant NCAEE Members and Friends, Please join us for pizza and a tour of North Carolina State University’s Centennial Campus Cogeneration facility. The Centennial Central Utility Plant has one […]

NCSU Solar House (April 25, 2022)

April Meeting Join us on April 25th with Dr. Stephen Terry for a meeting and tour of the NCSU Solar House The NCSU Solar House, built in 1981 by NC State’s Professor Herbert Eckerlin of the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department, was created to promote and demonstrate renewable energy technologies to the […]

February Meeting- Building Automation Systems (February 24, 2022)

North Carolina Association of Energy Engineers February Meeting Join us on February 24th with Wally Bright for a meeting on Building Automation Systems Join us on February 24th for a discussion-based session on Building Automation Systems and “How Stuff Works” (https://ece.ncsu.edu/people/mdbrain/). Walter Bright, President of the Institute of Energy Professionals, […]