Mason Farm Wastewater Plant Tour

May Meeting

Tour of Mason Farm Wastewater Plant

The Orange Water and Sewage Authority (OWASA) is a publicly-held water treatment agency serving the Carrboro – Chapel Hill area in North Carolina. The OWASA Mason Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant in Chapel Hill is nearly 86,000 square feet and services about 83,000 residents.

Efficiency measures at this location include:

  • Biogas to energy
  • Improved aeration system- which includes four 250 HP blowers, 24 hyperboloid, platform-mounted mixers, and advanced sensors and controls to provide real-time energy consumption information. This project reduced energy intensity from 4.89 kWh per 1000 gallons to 2.79 kWh per 1000 gallons, a 43 percent reduction. This translated into annual energy savings of 5.5 million kWh.
  • Reclaimed water system- produces reclaimed water for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and contributes to cooling tower make-up water, toilet flushing, and athletic field irrigation.

All attendants must wear closed-toe shoes and please consider carpooling when possible, parking is limited.


Friday, May 5th, 2023
2:30 PM


170 Old Mason Farm Road in Chapel Hill

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NCAEE Members and Friends


No cost for attendees


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Carpooling is recommended

Additional Information:

  • If lost, call Kate Patterson cell phone 919-261-6535 or Phil Korest cell phone 919-382-8006