Webinar – Steam Trap Management (Sept 15, 2020)

Sept Meeting – Webinar

Join us on Sept 15th with Jon Walter and Jordan Ledwein on Optimizing Steam Systems Through Steam Trap Management

With the start of Fall and the onset of cooler weather, the importance and challenges of managing steam systems come to the forefront. Join us to learn about a sustainable asset management program that continuously improves the performance of the entire steam system.  This consists of a three-phase approach covering best practices for:

  1. Steam trap management
  2. Steam applications improvements
  3. Optimization of the entire steam and condensate systems

This webinar will be focusing on the first phase of steam trap management to optimize the steam system asset.


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Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020
5:45 PM to 7 PM (sign on after 5:45- webinar begins 6:00)


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Speaker Bio:

Jon Walter BEng CEng is the Business Development Manager for TLV CORPORATION.  Previously he served as TLV’s International Consulting & Engineering Services General Manager.  He has written several published articles and technical handbooks for TLV including “Implement a Sustainable Steam Trap Management Program”.  As an AEE Certified Energy Manager and DOE Steam Specialist, he has extensive experience helping manufacturing plants optimize steam system performance.

Jordan Ledwein began working at TLV in 2018 after receiving his Economics Degree from Clemson University in 2017.  He started with TLV working inside the Charlotte office learning about steam and condensate systems and transitioned to directly support the customers in the eastern half of the Carolinas.  He has passed the AEE Certified Energy Management Exam (currently an Energy Manager In Training) and the Professional Energy Management Exam.

Additional Information:

  • If questions, call Dale Cranford mobile 336-553-7768 or Kathleen Stahl mobile 919-264-7452

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