June 2021 Transactive Energy

June Meeting

Please Join us Tuesday June 29th with Toby Considine for an open discussion of Transactive Energy and how it resiliently balances the needs of power users and suppliers on the grid of the near future.

Please join us for a virtual meeting on Tuesday June 29th at 6:00 PM with Toby Considine to discuss Transactive Energy.  Transactive Energy enables energy users and producers to balance their energy needs in a resilient way.  It can apply from a microgrid up to an entire ISO.  The Transactive Energy concept is being spearheaded by the Pacific Northwest National Lab.

‘Transactive energy’ was coined by the GridWise Architecture Council, the team of experts convened by the DOE to advise on the future electricity system, to refer to techniques for managing the generation, flow and consumption of electricity through the use of economic or market-based constructs while considering grid reliability constraints.

For those interested in more information on Transactive Energy, here are a number of links with more information:

Toby has a few charts to present but is hoping for an open discussion about the concepts and applications from Transactive Energy.  It should be a very interesting discussion.

For those who missed the meeting, the presentation can be seen here Passcode: ZhL7^k?c


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Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Gathering time: 5:30 – 6:00 PM
Presentation:    6:00 – 7:00 PM


Online Zoom Webinar

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Speaker Bio:

Toby Considine is an IT visionary who also understands enterprise systems, building systems, energy systems, and they ways they interact, or even more importantly the ways they should interact. Toby has been talking about the Internet of Things (IOT) since, well, before we were calling it the “Internet of Things.”

Toby was on the team that wrote the US National Smart Grid Roadmap, and helped develop the essential Market Interfaces for Smart Energy. He is also a leader in several national standards efforts in buildings and energy, including oBIX, EMIX, and Energy Interoperation.

Toby Considine is a consummate thinker, writer, and speaker. Among other notable roles, he is a contributing editor at AutomatedBuildings.com, blogger at The New Daedalus since 2007, and founder of TC9, Inc. Toby recently presented to TESC 2020 – Transactive Energy Systems Conference and Workshop.

Get ready to challenge your assumptions and see energy from a new IT perspective.


Additional Information:

  • If having trouble connecting, call Phil Korest cell phone 919-627-5982 or Dale Cranford cell phone 336-553-7768

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