June 18 Government Complex Boiler Plant Tour

June Meeting

Join us on Tues. June 18th for a Tour of the Downtown Complex Steam Plant by the NC Department of Administration Facilities Management Division

Have you ever left downtown Raleigh heading north on McDowell to Capital Blvd. and wondered what was behind that big wall of windows, sometimes decorated with lights at Christmas? The smokestack in the picture above is a clue. Come and tour the heart of the downtown complex government center: the boiler plant managed by the NC Department of Administration Facilities Management. This plant supplies steam and hot water to approximately 40 buildings housing NC government agencies, including the Governor, State Capital, Dept. of Environment, Green Square Museum Complex, Legislative Buildings, Archives, Agriculture, and Transportation to name a few. Learn about how this steam production and distribution system operates, is maintained, and has been improved to save energy and money for taxpayers, with a current fuel bill of over $1,000,000 a year.


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Tuesday. June 18, 2019
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

431 N. Salisbury Street

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Park in Deck 75 Visitor Lot

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NCAEE Members and Friends


No cost for attendees


Ronald Hyatt, Maintenance/Construction Supervisor – Steam Plant

NC Department of Administration Facilities Management


Park in Parking Deck 75 with Main entrance for Visitor Parking State Government Complex on McDowell St.(one way northbound); take a right in the curve before becoming Capital Blvd. just north of Lane and McDowell St. You may also enter Deck 75 from Salisbury St.(one way southbound) – see map link above.

Additional Information:

  • Parking Deck 75 is between the Steam Plant and the Facilities Management Office (431 N. Salisbury)
    Meeting will start at the Facilities Mgmt building (with a large conference room) with our traditional Pizza followed by Discussion and Q&A on the Steam Plant and distribution system.
    Group will walk to the steam plant for the tour.
  • If lost, call Kathleen Stahl cell phone 919-264-7452